Ferguson: Another lost son, another call for justice – CNN.com

Ferguson: Another lost son, another call for justice – CNN.com.

CNN is hoping to keep this going. It’s good for ratings and they obviously lean toward the left and chaos.

The people stirring up trouble are interested in getting on the new, getting something free (looting), and promoting their self contrived “plight”.

I go to work every day and do my job that I’ve worked hard to get and keep.  I’m barely making it and most months I don’t know if I’ll make it to the end of the month before the money (that I earned) runs out or not. More often that not I don’t and end up deeper in the hole.  I’m not going to use something like this as a excuse to steal from someone else.  Why should these people get away with stealing from someone?  They aren’t interested in justice, not real justice anyway.  Their vision of justice is getting something that they didn’t earn because they feel like they are owed something.

Why do the feel this way?  Because CNN, Jessie, and Al tell them they are owed something.  They are told that they have been cheated, and that these people (white people) are out to get them and don’t deserve respect.  That is what racism is.  Teaching hate of an entire race of people. Why?  For personal benefit, of course.  Jessie and Al make their living this way.  CNN makes their living selling ads on their network based on how many viewers they can get to watch those commercials.  People don’t watch CNN much anymore, except in exceptional crisis’ like this.  Bring on the crisis and bring on the money, says CNN.


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