US reportedly backed down on initial goals in Iran talks | Fox News

the U.S. accepted that any possible deal would likely enable Iran to continue to enrich some uranium to produce nuclear fuel and turned their focus to extending Iran’s so-called “breakout time” or the minimum period that Iran would need to build a nuclear weapon.

via US reportedly backed down on initial goals in Iran talks | Fox News.

Obama wants to have something internationally on his list of achievements.  Unfortunately, it looks like letting Iran get nuclear weapons is going to be that crowning achievement.  From what I can tell, his only “achievement” here is to delay it until someone else is in office so that it looks like he did something positive.  Something positive would be to go ahead and kick off the war with Iran so that the local powers would be forced to do something themselves.

I’m no scholar, but it seems that Saudi Arabia and Iraq most notably have more to directly lose than we do.  Later down the road we will certainly have a lot to lose, but the Arab states have just as much to lose in all of this as Israel does.  I know that’s a bold statement, but Iran is a threat to everyone in the region, not just Israel and they know it.  I suspect they’ve been prodding and hoping that Israel would do something about this to keep them from having to.  Since Obama effectively blocked that, they are becoming more desperate. I am anxious to see what happens now.  I have to wonder if the new “Arab Army” that is taking on Yemen will next move to Iran.  We can only hope.


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