How a massive, silent cultural revolution has changed America | New York Post

If you’re a baker, you can refuse to cater a gay wedding for any reason you please — you’re too busy, you’re taking a few days off, you’re hung over — but if you say the words, “I don’t approve of gay marriage,” you’ll not only be vilified, you’ll be bankrupted.

Let’s hope that, 15 years from now, another cultural revolution has followed — and Americans will be able to think whatever they want without fear of condemnation.

via How a massive, silent cultural revolution has changed America | New York Post.

We’ve swung too far in the other direction as this article points out.  We were once condemning of people for their sexual orientation and now if we say that we disagree with someone being homosexual or that it’s morally wrong based on anything including or excluding our religious beliefs, we are vilified.  What was once taken for granted as being against the Christian faith is now not considered to be by many.  There are many new interpretations and even those who say that the old testament doesn’t apply to Christians.  Others simply imply that Christianity and religion itself is archaic and doesn’t have a place in modern life.

I would remind you that throughout time man has had these types of thoughts and developed Godless societies in the past.  Where are they now? They are in ruins.  When morality becomes “whatever feels good”, it becomes irrelevant and society ultimately crumbles.  We are well on our way to that now.  I think that in a time when morality is deemed hate as it is today, we are close to another disaster of biblical proportions.


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