Why Scalia wrong on ‘Scotuscare’ – CNN.com

Toobin: The Supreme Court is always a deeply political institution as well as a legal one. It’s impossible to decide the kind of issue the justices address in a non-political way. They are deeply political, and the mix of politics and law has always been part of what the justices do.

via Why Scalia wrong on ‘Scotuscare’ – CNN.com.

It is ENTIRELY possible to address any law based on the text of the law.  To say that you must take into account politics when making a legal decision is preposterous.  The intent of the Supreme Court is to directly determine if a law is constitutional, and what it means, not what the justices want it to mean.

They have for decades made crazy decisions based on the laws as they interpreted them. To allow abortion based on freedom of speech is as insane as saying that states can’t determine their own marriage laws when that’s something that isn’t spelled out as being specifically delegated to the federal government.  The Court has for many decades allowed the federal government to take control of decisions and impose legislation upon states that it has no right to do.  The 10th Amendment to the Constitution specifically calls out that the federal government possesses only those powers delegated to it by the stands or the people through the Constitution. This clearly has been ignored again.


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