The Travel Ban

We cannot afford to be naive anymore, to be so concerned about the rights of others outside our country that we jeopardize our own rights and security.

via How Trump lost: Views from all sides –

That quote from this story says it all for me.  It is interesting to read all of the different opinions of the same ruling. That really shows you how different political views within the legal community can affect how laws are interpreted.  After all, the Judicial Branch of government’s sole job is interpretation, not creation or even modification of law.

I’m not for giving anyone complete authority and there should always be checks and balances on Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches of government.  Their jobs don’t overlap and their first obligation is to the good of the people within the powers granted to them by the people via the constitution.  I have concerns about President Trump using so many Executive Orders, but thus far I haven’t seen any that particularly concern me.

If you read the entire story, you see the different political views of the respective lawyers.  The supporting (of the stay) view seems to center around the flexing of the judicial muscles  to show that the court has authority to review anything that it wishes while seeming to ignore the facts of the case. The court dances around the actual question at hand, whether the president has the authority to do what he did.  The opposing view which supports the president’s authority is certainly partially political as well, but seems to be more based on fact. They clearly call out the fact that the court didn’t answer the basic question of the action, whether the ban is legal, only that they can review whatever they want and that the injury to states is of utmost important. They don’t as I saw it show how the states would be injured by a temporary ban.

I’ve never seen a news organization spend so much time, clearly fighting against a political official, especially the President of the United States.  Every time that I turn on CNN, they have headlines scrolling across flatly calling him a liar.  Talk about unprecedented, that’s completely unprecedented.  They accuse Trump supporters of being afraid and fear mongers, while clearly they are afraid of what his policies will do to roll back the damage (as I and many others see it) that 8 years of Obamanomics has done.  It’s really as scary as anything else that I’ve seen when a supposed news organization goes on such an offensive against a serving president.  I suppose that other “news” agencies like MSNBC and CNBC have been blatantly liberally biased for years but CNN has touted itself as above such slantedness.  They have completely lost the ability to claim impartiality with the way they’ve handled Hillary Clinton’s loss and the Trump presidency thus far.


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