Another Opportunity Lost

This ban, along with the plan to build a wall along the United States border with Mexico, is indicative of deeper issues regarding American white nativism and the fact that millions of Americans have become so gripped by hopelessness and fear that they are willing to overlook constitutional violations and ignore their own moral conscience.

via It’s Black History Month. Look in the Mirror. – The New York Times

This would have been a good opportunity for The New York Times to publish a story about Black History Month and encourage Americans to celebrate.  Celebrate the accomplishments of so many Americans who weren’t recognized in history as they should have been until more recently.  Instead, they use the opportunity to slam President Trump and espouse their hatred for America.

I read the entire story, hoping for some information on the title subject. Instead you hear of how the travel ban is another example of white racism.  There’s a long rant about how terrible America is for all time because of slavery that ended 150 years ago.  Not until the Civil Rights Act of 1964 did America really demand equality for all Americans.  So according to the author, America is a despicable nation that can never be forgiven.  As a white American, Mr. Yancy demands that I feel ashamed of myself for the white privilege that I have.  I should hate President Trump because he’s not trying to protect America from terrorists, he’s trying to take America back to a nation of exclusivity and white control.  That’s how he was elected according to Yancy, on my fear that I’m no longer supreme as a white person.

We return once again to the emotional argument instead of the logical one.  Make sure that the people that we are letting in to America are who they say they are and are willing to integrate into society.  We don’t need anymore freeloaders and we certainly don’t need any terrorists.  The “undocumented immigrants” are criminals plain and simple. If they can’t get in legally, they shouldn’t be here. There are ways for people to come to America legally and that’s the only way that is acceptable. This crying about the fact that we are a nation of laws and now having a president who is forcing the issue of making anyone who comes here abide by them is just plain sickening.  I don’t let people come into my home who don’t belong here and who I don’t know. Why would I want someone living next door who may be a terrorist?

Let’s get back to the facts and stop letting our irrational side and irrational liberals run the media and the government.


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