Comparisons – The New Blame Game

When President Trump or one of his staff, appointees, or even his supporters does something embarrassing, offensive, or just plain dumb, too many of his supporters and staff are making lame comparisons to past Democrats.  Obama used to always blame everything on the “previous administration.”  That was his favorite line when anything went badly even 7 years after taking office.  This really bothered me and others of course, but you accepted it as part of his shifting blame for issues that he didn’t know how to fix to someone else.  It happens all the time unfortunately.

Today you started seeing pictures of Kellyanne Conway with her feet on a sofa in the Oval Office with a comparison to Bill Clinton having sex with Monica Lewinski.  Aside from the fact that these 2 don’t really compare, it’s childish to start this kind of conversation.  It’s like saying yeah our guy’s staffer/supporter/whateverthehellsheis committed an etiquette crime but your guy from years ago was immoral so that’s worse.  Everyone knows what a slimeball Bill (and Hillary for that matter) is but that has nothing to do with what happened today.  I know that it’s about trying to shift attention and claim unfair treatment but let’s be real.  This is childish bantering and will never end well.  You can’t even call it shifting blame because you aren’t blaming Clinton for the screw up, you’re just saying, Well your people are just as bad or worse.  Pointless to say the least.

Accept that people screw up.  There have been a lot of screw-ups from Trump’s team to keep our attention lately. This isn’t good of course but for the most part has nothing to do with his governing ability.

I still believe that Trump will be good for America. He’s trying, it seems, to keep his campaign promises as quickly as he can.  He’s working on illegal immigration, jobs, terrorism.  All were staples of his campaign and presumably why he was elected in the first place.  He’s blocked at every point by not only Democrats but also the press and a lot of Republicans.  There’s a huge opposition which is where a lot of these issues are  being pointed out from.  I wouldn’t be surprised if every president had these same issues, but because the press is so against Trump they don’t pass over the stories like they may have for past presidents but I just don’t know.  It seems likely, though.

Once the panic attacks from the left calm down and they realize they simply aren’t going to get Hillary as president, EVER, perhaps government can get back to business and learn how to work with our very unusual, yet soundly determined president to make America stronger and more efficient for everyone’s sake.


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